Renosans Of The Advertising Sector,
An agency far from the “Usual Stuff”…


Consumer is exposed to advertising expands quantitatively on a continuous basis. Each increase translates what is heard, seen and felt into the same staff, rapidly. Nothing will appeal, draw attention or create an effect if that is a usual stuff.

Keeping repeating the popular concepts in the marketing literature or inventing new concepts does not expand the extent of the interest, attention and influence of communication. Also, the strategic prescriptions that are drawn up with the concepts that are rendered meaningless and left to disarray appear to be similar to each other. Forgetting that change requires skill… attributing importance to the ideas and aesthetics, but turning a blind eye to the process of exploring/producing, has not changed and are still the same for so many years…

The vapidity of the same stuff has tired out the consumers, advertisers and advertising people. We think that driving the tired one uphill will not help anyone after all. That is why we set Renosans away from the “usual stuff”.

It is hoped that it will be the first word of the new things to be called.

What we mean

Had the term “Renosans” included in (Turkish) dictionaries, it would have appeared after “renk yuvari” and before “renyum”. And, it would have meant: proper, noun a. carrying the effect of renewal, improvement and reminiscence which began with the Renaissance, into the advertising sector, b. Interpreting the thinking in a new form c. Norm, elementary idea, basic belief, principle, element, rule.